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We believe children’s toys should be unique, uncomplicated, inspiring, well-constructed, safe…and most of all, fun!

We look for toys that speak to a simpler time. Toys like those we still cherish from our own childhoods… the ones that have become family heirlooms. Quiet, simple, wonderful toys that create cherished memories.

At Rosie Hippo, we look for toys that:

School Bus
  • Foster creativity
  • Stimulate independent thought
  • Develop specific skills from birth through childhood
  • Are multi-faceted and multi-dimensional
  • Are made in an environmentally conscious way

Our products are sourced from around the world.  Many are from individuals and small manufacturers in the U.S. and Europe.  We are proud to also have products made by villages and cooperatives around the world -- in places like Peru and Kenya -- which help to improve the lives of struggling families and support local communities.

Our goal is to find unique products made from unique materials – sustainable wood, organic fabrics, recycled materials – that are made in a way that is kind to the planet and, wherever possible, helps support Fair Trade around the world. In addition, we strive to find books and toys that educate our children about diversity, promote community involvement and teach them responsible stewardship of our planet.

We love what we do – helping children explore their world in a fun, creative, imaginative way – and hope it shows in all the wonderful products you’ll find at Rosie Hippo!