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For over 16 years, Rosie Hippo has been a trusted and reliable source of the highest quality natural toys to inspire and delight your children.

Rosie Hippo began in a quiet spot on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, started by a young couple that had a passion for making beautiful natural toys for their own children. Each toy was built with love as they grew their business based on strong core values.

In 2008, inspired by my then three-year-old son Ethan's delightful curiosity and my interest in child development, I purchased Rosie Hippo from the founders. My drive to make the world a better place for all children has its roots in the fact that I am a breast cancer survivor. After successfully battling breast cancer – and being able to bring Ethan into the world through the miracle of modern medicine – I found I was no longer interested in resuming my former busy corporate career.

So, Rosie Hippo was perfect – a combination of my love for children, my interest in child development, my creative side, and my marketing/business background. And I love what I do!

I am passionate about how children learn, grow and develop -- and about what types of toys and products can help encourage positive development of skills. I love bringing toys and books and music to children that will help inspire them, teach them about the world --- issues like diversity, giving, greening -- and help instill good values and a foundation from which to grow. I believe that childhood is a time of excitement, enthusiasm, education and exploration, and that every child's learning and development is a special gift to be nurtured and enjoyed. (For more, see The Happiest Mom in the World blog.)

I know how precious life is -- and I believe it is important to cherish each moment and critical to ensure the products that we give our children are made of the finest materials – natural, safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly – to promote the health of our children and our planet.

At Rosie Hippo, you will find beautifully handcrafted wooden toys, toys made from organic fabrics, toys from individuals, companies, villages and cooperatives around the world, and books and games that stimulate creativity and independent thought. We offer toys that will evoke a sense of fun, curiosity and wonder for that special little one in your life. And all of our toys are produced under conditions that are fair to workers and kind to our environment.

We choose products that help you savor those special moments…the walks with that little hand grasping yours, that special book you read together at bedtime, the game you play as a family, the arts and crafts you create side-by-side… We hope that Rosie Hippo is able to help by offering special toys that will become best friends, cherished memories, and lead to many happy hours spent together as they are passed through the generations.

We hope to make a positive impact for our children and our planet, and hope you love our collection of toys and other products as much as we do!


Kim Bloom (Mom of 5 year old Ethan) & the Rosie Hippo Family